Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And the Journey begins! Nationals here we come!

And so, that fine day in September appeared and we picked up our rental uhaul van to pack and hit the road. Why the Uhaul?  I had decided that with 2 people and 8 dogs, plus our camping gear and everything else I wanted the security for the long trip (I would have needed to pull a trailer with my smaller van, and with 320,000 miles I worry about long trips). And the van we got was brand spanking new, even smelled new. By the time packing was done, we were stuffed, 8 crates, gear for camping, for showing, for trialing, food for an army (Shari can not help herself), cooking supplies, and off to Greeley, Colorado we headed; 8 dogs and 2 people. Yep to one of the areas devastated by unexpected flooding (and still somewhat affected). Fortunately the lovely show site, Island Grove Park had survived with no damage, or at least just lots of water.

That night we stopped to meet up with my friend Sally and her van of dogs, so we could continue the drive together.  Friday was a beautiful day for driving; the long haul up hill to Denver resulted in the impressive view of the Rockies, though somewhat smoggy (or maybe just too much water in the air?) Shari and I got our tent site set up (2 tents and an canopy), the show site scoped out. We arrived early enough to pick up our packets with all the important info we needed for the week. And I had a chance to visit with people, seeing friends and acquaintances from around the country (as well as all the other Aussies) is one of the fun parts of Nationals.

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